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About Wood-and-Wool.com (Map Directions Below)
Thank you for coming to the Wood & Wool website. My name is Kenneth, owner and operator of Wood & Wool. I opened the Wood & Wool store on August 1, 2008, right in the midst of the financial upheaval. I felt then and continue to feel that by bringing customers high quality products while keeping overhead costs low, I could make products available at a fair price. In addition, I have continued to insist on providing a personal service to my customers in a way that is not often found in our current marketplace!

This is not my first time dealing with trials and tribulations within my life. Approximately 30 years ago, I was involved in a truck accident. In that accident, I was injured in such a way that I lost total use of my eyes, leaving me completely blind. Since that day, there have been numerous bumps in the road and a variety of difficulties for which I have had to develop creative solutions. Through all of this, I have worked hard to maintain the attitude that my abilities outweigh my disabilities!

As the name of the store indicates, I predominantly carry products that are made from wood or wool. Most of what I carry comes from producers that are specialized and maintain a quality that meets my own standards. Some of the wood items I do construct myself... others, I assemble from materials that I receive from producers that have access to equipment that I do not have. I do have the ability to custom build certain items such as book shelves or childrens' step stools (and more). Having said that, I have produced some rather unique items that I will talk about later.

  The items that you will find on the following pages I have grouped into four main areas. First, we have the smaller American made wood items. We carry many child-safe creative play toys that are non toxic and void of small, easily removed parts. Some items include letter cars or name trains, pull toys, blocks, games, puzzles Amish made products and building logs.

  Second includes our American-made wool items such as 100% wool yarn, socks, gloves and mittens. In addition, we carry Canadian made items such as shearling sheepskin slippers, hats, gloves and pure wool blankets.

  Last but not least, we highlight larger wood items including cedar hope chests (available in other woods such as oak and maple) as well as custom built book shelves. Unique wood work is also available, ask me all about it!

 Please, take your time, and check these items carefully. Should any questions develop that you would like to talk to someone directly about, call me at 518-234-4027. 
Thank you, Kenneth
We are located at 117 Union Street - Cobleskill, NY  12043  

518-234-4027  email: [email protected]
Ken VonThaden